Trinity Icons

Catholic Heroes


The Catholic Heroes Collection, presented by Trinity Icons, is a celebration of individuals who lived, struggled, suffered and ultimately triumphed as women and men of faith in the most troubled, violent and faithless century in history: the twentieth century.

They are also relevant, approachable and uniquely human role models for all who seek deeper, more profound insights and ideas on how best to engage with the social, political and environmental challenges of our present century.

There are indeed saints and martyrs included in our series but sanctity cannot be neatly pigeonholed and heroism cannot be easily explained away.  Saints are human beings, human beings are complex and filled with flaws, failing and even addictions.

And yet God’s Spirit blows through even the darkest corridors and recreates even the basest metals into the finest gold. These Catholic Heroes are people very much like ourselves and that is what we celebrate here.

Some of the Heroes are well known and some will be introduced to you for the first time. Some are women and some are men. Some are white and some are people of color from different continents.  

Some were ordained or vowed religious noted for their profound spirituality and towering intellect. Some were artists, authors and actors who were brilliant but deeply wounded souls who struggled with demons of all sorts.  Still others were laypersons; ordinary friends and neighbors who led hidden but passionate lives in Christ and for others who were known after their deaths. 

The one unifying thread in this glorious mixture of sanctity and sinfulness, heroism and hiddenness was a faith that was proclaimed by their hands, their heart and their art that endured until death.

All prints are acid-free 12" x 12" on stretch canvas suitable for matting and framing and are signed and numbered by Joseph Malham.