Trinity Icons


Commissioning an icon, either for private prayer in one’s home or office or for parish and communal liturgies, is a profoundly spiritual and enriching journey. Not only does an original icon enhance the intimacy of prayer but an original commissioned work becomes an integral and treasured expression of ones family or community that can be handed down from generation to generation.

While the creation of an icon is an intense and complex process requiring meditative skill and time, commissioning one is a surprisingly easy, streamlined and enjoyable one. After initial contact with Trinity Icons is made, principal artist Joseph Malham will confer with an individual, community or committee (either in person locally or by phone and email nationally) to ascertain what the icon is about and what it is meant to spiritually express.  Out of this discussion Malham will create a watercolor design and narrative for approval.  A price for the icon will then be given as well.  When approval for both the design and fee is confirmed, a formal agreement will be drawn up for mutual signing.  Then the work will begin in the artist’s studio, all the while maintaining contact with the patron with status and updates.  There is no charge for the first initial design. However, if changes or new designs are requested an hourly fee will be applied.

There is no set price for commissioned icons. Each commission is a unique, one-off work of sacred art created using superior materials and ancient methods meant to last for generations. Price is determined by the size, number of figures and complexity of the image.  Sizes begin at 8”x10” and can go all the way up to 10 or 12’.  An icon is determined not by the material up on which it is created but the integrity of its composition and silence of its depths.  Therefore, an image can be created upon a handmade poplar panel, hand made Arches Papier and canvas (large icon banners are increasingly popular for both hanging and processing).  23k gold leaf is used on all poplar panel commissions and by request (and for an extra charge) on paper and canvas icons.  Murals and processional/sanctuary crosses can be commissioned as well.

For more information on commissioning icons from Trinity Icons, please contact us at:

Joseph Malham - 312-388-4566